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The following information about your visit on the web pages of GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel will be registered: – Your IP-Address- the URLs of the GEOMAR web site that you visited- amount of data transferred- time of page visits- kind and status of HTML requests- URL visited prior to GEOMAR (browser depended)- search query used to find the page (browser depended)- name and version of the browsers (browser depended)Currently, this data (log file on the web server) is used to generated an internal web statistics on a monthly basis.IP-addresses are only used to generate a country statistics, if this is possible (DNS backward search). No data will be handed over for other usage.Depending of the user settings we use cookies. For the time being, no further investigation or usage of the cookie information is applied.  

We do not use any external services such as GOOGLE analytics, etc. for our analysis but only a locally installed software, thus no data will be transmitted externally.

An on-line analysis of the page calls of individual users is not applied.

Please also note the special data protection information for applicants. You can download them here (pdf file).

More details can be found in the German version according the new European law